Working in the events industry for over a decade, organising parties, weddings and shows in a variety of locations, I have realised how much I love my job and take huge pride in creating fantastic results for clients.

When I first started out, I spent three years as a wedding planner for a London based agency where I found my niche in organising weddings and have now established myself as a freelance bespoke planner specialising in destination weddings both in Europe and South Africa.

With clients from across the globe, I have worked with a diverse range of venues and artists, responding to many requests and various briefs. Working closely with couples to create their perfect day and seeing beautiful, emotive end results makes this one of the most fulfilling careers I have had.

Despite the huge variety of events, weddings and clients, there is just one element that remains a constant … the personal touch.

Despite the huge variety of events, weddings and clients, one element remains a constant … the personal touch.


You must pull off hundreds of incredible weddings every year, but we wanted you to know that for us, it meant the world. I'm sure there isn't a single person you've worked with over the years who wouldn't say the same.

Ryan & Jared - Boschendal 2018

Anna - you were a superstar! You turned our ideas, emotions and feelings into a sensational event that exceeded our expectations. On the anniversary of our wedding – we would like to thank you for all you did to make those days in Cape Town a stellar success for us, our family, and loved ones.

Na-aim & Enda - Molenvliet 2018

Oh Anna, I’ve been weeping all morning watching these videos! I can’t believe how amazing the day was. Thank you for that day, I can’t believe how magical it was, I’m really speechless and just so emotional!

Nina & Sean - Moreson 2019

Really can't thank you enough for all of the work you put into the day - we're all in awe of what you did, and the calm and graceful way in which you go about your work. There wasn't a single detail that we weren't happy with, and absolutely everything about the day far exceeded our expectations. So an enormous thank you from both of us, we are beyond grateful.

Lucy & Devin - Molenvliet 2019